Kickstarter Success! So now what?

Anyone who has run a Kickstarter campaign knows that once the Kickstarter is complete, the real work begins. 
SEA Change Clothing Co. is now a true brand.
Our Kickstarter campaign was a huge success. Not only did we raise over 114% of our goal, we also have also brought together a huge community of folks who care about oceans and believe in what SEA Change stands for. 
That community is growing every day. 
With the Kickstarter complete, we can begin our mission to fight ocean pollution by creating clothing that is good for oceans, the creatures that live within it, and each one of us. 
Over the next few months we will be using the funds raised to create our first official line of clothing and products, hosting clean up events, continuing to advocate for oceans, and growing the community of SEA Change ocean lovers. 
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