These Penguins Aren't So Cool

Penguins are among the most interesting creatures on planet Earth. 

When you think of a penguin, you may be picturing a wobbly little thing jumping around the frozen world that is Antarctica. But let me introduce you to the African penguin, who isn't quite like any penguin you've heard of before.

African penguins raise their young in the sweltering heat of Southern Africa, where temperatures can soar up to 40 degrees celsius

While most penguins must battle the winter elements to keep their eggs warm, African Penguins must shield their eggs from the hot sun. An unprotected egg will not survive for long. For some penguin parents, the heat is simply too much to bear, and they will abandon their egg and head for the cool relieve of the ocean. 

In some colonies, not a single egg is hatched in an entire breeding season - and as the planet continues to warm, fewer and fewer African Penguin eggs will hatch. 

Like all penguins, African penguins are specially suited to withstand freezing temperatures, but these particular penguins aren't so cool after all. 



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