Our Story

Whether your home is by the sea, in the mountains, on the prairies, in the forests, or on the tundra, one thing connects us all: the ocean. With every breath you take and every drop of water you drink, the ocean is there.
The ocean gives us so much - so we created SEA Change because we felt it was about time to give back.


SEA Change is a social enterprise on a mission to fight ocean pollution by creating 100% Ocean Friendly, 100% Made in Canada clothing. 

For every item purchased, we remove 3 pounds of trash from oceans and waterways.



Why Ocean-Friendly?

Most of the clothing we wear every day is made from synthetic fabrics. When washed, synthetic fabrics shed tiny fragments of plastic fabric which inevitably end up in our oceans. 

It's estimated that at least 51 TRILLION microplastic particles are currently in our oceans. With every wash of our clothing, we're releasing nearly 2'000 microplastic fibres into the world's ocean. Yuck, right?

At SEA Change, we change the way clothing impacts oceans by creating only 100% ocean friendly, microplastic free products which protects ocean environments and the life within.



Clothing that reflects your values.


Our first cleanup.

On August 11th, 2017 SEA Change hosted our first ever ocean cleanup in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

With a goal of 609 pounds, 15 volunteers removed an incredible 892 pounds from Churn Beach in 3 hours. 
Fighting ocean pollution means getting your hands dirty - and we're all for it!



We made the News!

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