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When will more products be available?

We have recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and are in the process of bringing in new, awesome products. 

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How is SEA Change apparel ocean friendly? 

 All SEA Change clothing is made from 100% ocean-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton and bamboo. 

This means no microplastic pollution, no toxic dyes, and no harsh chemicals. 

Our clothing is also made right here in Canada. This eliminates the need for it to be shipped from overseas and helps keep ocean environments safer and healthier. 


How will SEA Change clean up ocean trash? 

SEA Change organizes and hosts cleanup events along the shorelines of beaches, lakes, and rivers across the country, building a community around the values of ocean environmentalism as we go. 

We also seek to partner with and support organizations and groups working to tackle ocean environmental issues.


How will SEA Change keep track of the amount of trash it commits to cleaning up?

We keep track of our cleanup commitment right on our homepage for all to see. 

As we sell products, we update our commitment on the homepage. 

When we host cleanup events, we sort and weigh the trash collected and publish those tallies on the website so you can see how we're doing in meeting our goals!


What is the meaning of life?

We'll let you know when we figure it out.


Why are oceans important?

Oceans literally give us life. 

With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we are connected to the sea. 

No oceans. No us. 

The answer to this question could be an entire website on it's own.


Can you help me with my math homework? 

Maybe. We'd rather help you with your Social Studies. We'll do our best though.


What is your return policy?

We are people who buy stuff online too, so we get that sometimes things aren't quite what you wanted. No hard feelings.

We also know that returns are stupid crazy with most online companies. 

We work with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase, and if you have to return a product we make it easy as pie.

So long as the original tags are in place, and the product is in the same condition that you received it, we'll be happy to take it back for a full refund or exchange.


How can I get involved?

Signing up to our newsletter is the best way to stay up to date on opportunities such as participating in our SEA Change hosted clean ups, and more.

 Always feel free to contact us if you have questions, ideas, or comments!


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