Stormy Sea Blue Hoodie

Stormy Sea Hoodies

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We have a bunch of these great hoodies, but due to a manufacturing error, the sizing is a bit wonky compared to our regular hoodies - be sure to check the size chart below!

While the sizing is different, these Stormy Sea Blue Hoodies are 100% Made in Canada from 100% grown in Canada organic cotton! 

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is made without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides making the fabric among the most ocean friendly fabric available. It's also 100% naturally biodegradable! 

Like all cotton, it shrinks, so be sure to order a size up to account for shrinkage.

Note: If cared for properly by washing in cold water and hang drying, shrinkage will be between 0.5 - 1 inch. More shrinkage will occur if washed in warm water and machine dried. 

Chest Length Sleeve
XS 18 21.5 21.5
S 18.5 23 22.5
M 19.5 24.5 22.5
L 21.5 26 23.5
XL  23 26.5 24
2XL 24 28 24